Environmental Costs of the Construction Materials Industry

Our Environment

Concrete  is the  most produced product  in the world by volume.
Concrete accounts for ~11% of global carbon emissions,
mostly from producing cement, a key ingredient of concrete.
Cement releases embodied CO2 duing the energy intense
1300oC processing temperatures.
~80% of global energy mix originate from burning fossil fuels.
An estimated 4.4 billion tons of concrete & 4.2 billion tons of cement was produced in 2020 globally.
At least an equivalent amount of river sand, another key ingredient of concrete, was consumed.
Most were illegally harvested from river deltas of less regulated developing nations,
Destroying local ecosystems and eroding fertile land.
Construction and demolition waste (CDW) account for
over 30% of global waste,
Amounting to 6 billion tons of CDW every year,
most of which end up in landfills.
90% of drywall end up in landfills.
80%  are gypsum boards containing sulfur.
This sulfur becomes toxic gas, leading to acid rain
leach into local water streams, posing public health hazards

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